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Family Membership Application

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  2. Family Membership Information

    A Family Membership is available to members of the same household (proof of residency may be required). The cost is $100 per season year. It allows unlimited entry* to the Lakeside Park Swimming Pool during public hours for the current pool season; as well as discounted fees for other programs.

    Please complete this application to submit the necessary information to prepare your Pass. Your Pass will be available for pickup at the Parks and Recreation Department Office at 1808 2nd Street, Marble Falls.

  3. *IMPORTANT Acknowledgement*

    When the pool reaches capacity, no one will be allowed to enter until someone exits. Non-swimmers are limited to designated areas and MUST pass a swim test to venture out of the non-swimmer areas on their own. Otherwise, they must be within arms length of a parent or responsible adult 18 or older.

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