Park Projects & Planning

The purpose of Park Projects and Planning page is to provide the community with the most accurate information concerning future park developments and improvements. 

Park improvement projects may begin in the planning phase, or proceed directly with design, or construction to provide for new or renovated facilities.

There are several ongoing and upcoming park projects in progress and/or under construction:

  • Cemetery Mapping Project
  • Concession Building Roof Renovation (Jolly Rodgers Paddle Company)
  • Johnson Park Waterfall Renovation
  • Lakeside Pavilion Flooring Upgrades
  • Main Street Lamps
  • New Play Area in Johnson Park
  • Park, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan Update
  • Purple Pipe/Irrigation Project for The Greens Soccer Fields
  • Veterans' Park
  • Wayfinding Signage Phase 2
  • Wayfinding Signage Phase 3

For more information about any of our upcoming and ongoing projects, please contact us at (830) 798-6250 or