Annual Contact Report

In 2001, the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Racial Profiling Law (S.B. 1074).  Since becoming effective, the Marble Falls Police Department, in accordance with the law, has collected contact data for the purpose of identifying and addressing (if necessary) concerns regarding racial profiling practices by police officers.  In 2009, the Texas Racial Profiling Law was modified and new requirements are now in place.

In this report, you will find documentation that supports the fact that the Marble Falls Police Department has complied with The Texas Racial Profiling Law. This report also contains statistical data relevant to motor vehicle contacts between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.  The data and supporting documentation presented in this report support the notion that the Marble Falls Police Department is committed to the identification and resolution (if necessary) of all issues relevant to racial profiling according to the state law.  

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