Purple Bows in the Parks

  1. Maxine

    Last July, sweet little two-year-old Maxine Fowler passed away and left many mourning hearts in our local community.  Maxine was a magical young girl who brought joy to all of those who met her.  Her family was very active in the Texas Hill Country Homeschoolers group and she touched the lives of so many of those families- especially the older children and teenagers in the group whom she adored. During this holiday season the homeschool group will be displaying purple ribbons, bows and decorations around the communities of Burnet and Marble Falls in public places and in our homes in memory of Maxine.  Maxine left behind her loving family- parents Catherina Blevins and James Shaw Jr. and siblings Malcome, John, James, and Leanna Shaw.  The Texas Hill Country Homeschoolers would like to let the family know that the community has not forgotten little Maxine.  If you would like more information about how you can participate please contact Jennifer Jones at kjjones@nctv.com.

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  1. Sprinkler

    Marble Falls is Currently Under Stage 3 Water Use Restrictions

    Prohibited water uses include:
    • Power washing of any buildings, sidewalks, and driveways
    • Refilling swimming pools and Jacuzzis except on your designated water use day
    • Washing vehicles, boats, and trailers except during designated outdoor watering hours or at a commercial car wash
    Call City Hall (830-693-3615) to ask how utility customers may get a FREE low flow shower head and kitchen faucet aerator.